We’re Daylon and Lauren - A husband and wife team of wedding filmmakers based out of NorthEast Texas.


Since having our first opportunity to film a wedding, we’ve fallen in love with encapsulating that important moment in peoples’ lives. We’re nostalgic people at heart, who love to look back on where we’ve come from and relive the moments that got us here. 


Our love of filmmaking began almost 15 years ago, during Daylon’s band days. (Long hair, black nail polish, and eye liner…. Yes, it happened, let it go already) We documented almost everything with our mini dv camera and no, you may absolutely not see all of the videos, but we made short films of our adventures on the road. And thank goodness we did that, because it’s a priceless treasure to go back and relive those laughs and special moments among friends. As we grew older, this love for filming turned into documenting our own little family. (If anyone really wants to cry, we’ve got a super sweet 1 year old birthday video of one of our sons)


Our journey into wedding filmmaking has allowed us to form some very special friendships along the way. What you’ll enjoy most about working with us is that we’re invested as much in your big day as you are. We’re not just a camera crew creepily standing on the outside pointing cameras at you all day. We LOVE cutting up with you and your family! (Aunt Jamie, we know we still owe you your own personalized film) We’re there to laugh along with you, cry along with you, and you may even catch us dancing during your reception. 



Random facts about us:


- We’re parents to 3 little boys. You’ll rarely see one of us without a “little blue shadow” following us around. (See what we did there) =) They make our lives so exciting, but we’re also really tired, and we’ve given up on this never-ending pile of socks that will always exist within our home. 

- We're extreme Disney and Harry Potter nerds. 

- We've watched and re-watched the Parks and Rec series more than 30 times. It's the greatest!

Daylon about Lauren:

She's definitely the responsible one. She may possibly be the most strong willed person I've ever met. She has always supported my endeavors, no matter how crazy they were. She's goofy. She keeps me grounded. Lauren is an amazing mother to my boys and they love her fiercely. She loves to dance. She does it unprompted and for no reason at all except it gives her joy. She's a giant softy. She cries during 4 out of 5 movies we watch (also commercials). Give her a beach chair next to some salt water and you'll catch her at her happiest. 

Lauren about Daylon:

Daylon is such a creative and artistic soul. Give him any instrument, and he can play it. He gives 190 percent in any project, and dives full in, heart and mind. He loves going on adventures, and instead of beaches, he’d rather have the mountains in his view. He enjoys Harry Potter and Marvel Movies. Daylon calms my fears and anxieties just by being present. He is definitely the yin to my yang, and over the last 16 years has introduced me to many new loves in my world. He is the best Daddy to our three little boys, and gives the best spikes, tickles and claws a kid could ever have. He is my best friend, and the love of my life! I love this journey that we are on together.


I promise you will get an above and beyond professional attitude, experience, and results from these videographers. They made mine and my wife’s wedding an absolute breeze.  


2020 Blue Shadow Films // Story-driven wedding films

Texarkana, TX